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What is a DA?

DA stands for Development Application. If you plan to do any building or make changes to your property in the vast majority of cases you will need to lodge a DA with the local council. The DA is a checking process by the local council that ensures your proposal fits within their development guidelines. A Geotechnical Report is usually obtained prior to lodging a DA, once you have your plans done by an Architect or Draftsman. A development application is required for the following reasons:
  • Construction of new building or structure, including swimming pools, outbuildings, retaining wall, jetties, etc
  • Add or alter an existing building or structure
  • Demolish a building or structure
  • Display an advertising sign
  • Change the use of an existing building or land
  • Carry out excavation, earthworks or adding fill
  • Development on or near a heritage listed item
  • Development within a heritage conservation area
  • Subdivide land or strata subdivide a building

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