Specialists in Geotechnical Reporting, Sydney.

What We Do

Geotechnical Reports

Our geotechnical reports are designed to satisfy council DA’s and building certificates and to provide engineering properties of  the surface and subsurface ground materials. They assess any present or potential risks on the site or those that could occur during the earth works stage of the proposed construction process.

Subsurface Investigations

We carry out a wide variety of ground testing techniques and can advise on the most suitable methods for your requirements.

Advice on slope stability

We assess slopes in terms of stability and identify areas of movement or potential movement. We provide advice to stabilise potentially unstable areas. We also carryout stability reports (Prepurchase Reports) prior to the purchase of a property to ensure there are no geotechnical issues. These reports can be a requirement of the lender.


Solutions for failing or damaged Retaining Walls

We provide solutions to repair or replace failing or damaged retaining walls.

Advice on footing design and repair

We can estimate potential settlements for proposed footings and offer advice on the repair of existing footings that have moved.

Solutions for drainage and stormwater issues

We provide solutions for drainage issues from ground water seepage and stormwater run off.

Infiltration Testing

We carry out these tests to determine the capacity of the soil to disperse water. The tests are usually requested by a stormwater engineer during the design process of the guttering and down pipes for a building.

Landslide Remediation

We provide advice and procedures to safely clean up and remediate land slides, to restore the slope to a stable condition.

Site Classifications

We carry out site classifications (AS2870) to give guidance on footing design.

Acid Sulfate Testing and Management Plans

We conduct preliminary acid sulfate testing and provide acid sulfate management plans if they are required.

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